Do it approach…

Finally I have worked out a way where I don’t have to utter that word anymore.And the word is ‘agile’. I am actually saying so not because i dislike the methodology, suggested practices or the underlying principles, in fact contrary to that I am a big fan of most of what the methodology has to offer. However i am not interested, anymore, in educating and explaining people of all the misconception floating around such as – agile doesn’t have a place for architects; this project is too different to have requirements stated in story like format; ci and automated testing is not suitable on this tech stack; oh we have different team structure and cannot have as much collaboration as required in ‘agile’ projects. Bullshit!!!! Not even a single one of them has stood its ground until the moment that notion was challenged with some real ‘showing’ of what it is to be agile and not do agile.

I call this new approach do it approach.


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