New gig, new hopes , new challenges – bring it on

After my previous post of what I could/ would like to do here I am – having sent the good bye mails to my colleagues and starting something new – next week onwards. As I mentioned in my previous post I was quite keen on doing some work in “digital” space in product manager/owner role. Asking / expecting for too many things at the same time is sometimes a good thing because even if you dont get everything you wished for,  there is a good chance that you can get something. In this case its the company and many many possibilities to pursue.

I will join Cevo Consulting It is consulting startup who have been making ripples in the technology space for 2ish years. Working on some interesting problems in tech space esp Infrastructure automation and application delivery –  its a small company (yet) with big positive impact for clients.

They are a bunch of amazing people working with awesome clients solving difficult problems. Even if I get two out of the three things from that I would be very happy.

I got asked a few times – what will I do there – role , designation , which client and so on. To everyone I had only one answer – dunno yet …will figure it out.


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